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精选案例 | 170㎡武汉私宅——自深深处

   2023-05-24 81220




  Regardless of how the world changes,

  fulfillment remains the best way to connect this world.


  From campus to marriage, the homeowners have spent countless moments together, carefully cultivating their partnership and warmth. Over time, they've imbued their "home" with true significance - it's not just a structure that bears witness to the happy times of a family's lifetime, but also filled with their plans and aspirations for a better future.



  A Journey of love & design with warmth




  They explained, "We've come a long way since our campus romance, with so many memories over around a decade. Therefore, we may feature some travel photos in our new home. Although these pictures exist on our phones, we rarely flip through them. Having them printed and displayed on our shelves serves as a reminder to cherish and be grateful for what we have presently, and also to show our children the places we've been. Or someday we may pay a second visit there with our kids."


  For the new home, the couple wants it to be designed according to their lifestyle and future plans, without being restricted by any particular style. They want an open, diverse, comfortable, and unobstructed living environment.


  To achieve this, the designer prioritized an open-style layout with higher degrees of freedom while also satisfying the functional requirements of the living room, study, dining room, and other spaces. They completely broke down the original four-room layout and simplified the spatial structure boldly. They maximized the public living space and used extensive limestone paving to extend the overall visual aesthetic. The result is a broad and continuous panorama upon first glance.



  Navigate through the mundane towards

  the depth of ease




  They said, "We love the calmness of dark colors, we love the company of sunlight, greenery, and coffee, and we love a combination of rationality and artistic sense."


  As the core of this design project, dark colors are used to cover the public space mainly with classic black and gray tones. Black metal frames and natural wood veneers, dark gray sofas, gray limestone rocks, and light gray textured paint are ordered in color progression, creating a rich and delicate spatial hierarchy.


  The use of beige marble and metal elements balances the coolness of the space to some extent and enhances the quality ambience of the space details.


  As both husband and wife are teachers, they attach great importance to creating a learning atmosphere and building a future growth environment for their children, and they always have endless topics to discuss.


  How to naturally integrate learning behavior into a child's life? The designer chose to start from the living and dining area.


  Dismissing the traditional combination of sofa + TV + TV cabinet, a floor-standing bookcase was placed in front of the sofa to replace the traditional TV cabinet, undoubtedly becoming the best decoration and the key factor in creating a study-friendly atmosphere in the space.


  After enlarging the original kitchen size, the designer cleverly used a combination of a glass swing door and a top-hinged folding window to provide the possibility of facing the living and dining area for the kitchen, which turns cooking and eating into an interactive experience, making the home atmosphere stronger.


  In this space, whether it is enjoying the warmth brought by food, or enjoying alone time, or accompanying family and children to play and learn, everything can be satisfied.


  Perhaps, the best interpretation of life and happiness is sharing three meals and four seasons with family, and sharing all the flavors of life.



  The couple believes that if the study is the most appealing room in the house, their children would love to learn. Therefore, they hope to create a learning environment that's conducive to work and learning for both children and adults.


  Taking into account the potential changes in family dynamics in the future, and the individual need for comfort and freedom in the home, the designer fused a freewheeling circulation line with a combination of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and folding Changhong glass doors. This not only emphasizes the visual and practical dimensions of the space but also adds a touch of whimsy to the design. The flexible approach allows for both open and independent use of the study area, accommodating the diverse needs of every family member.


  With just a table and a chair, a book and a cup of tea, life may seem busy and ordinary, yet everything feels full of hope and potential.


  By being mindful of every present moment and reflecting on the journey of life, the designer hoped to create a home that would contain countless cherished memories for the homeowners, providing warmth and solace now and in the future. This is a home designed to inspire and uplift, offering a source of spiritual strength and comfort to those who inhabit it.


·2022/2023 ELLE DECORATION家居廊



·2020 安邸AD100 YOUNG


主创设计 | 王佳星






  Project Name | The Depth Within

  Project Location | Wuhan, China

  Project Area | 170㎡

  Product |  Element-Lime Stone

  Designed By | WWUD Studio